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Tragedy, guilt, and grief: It begins with the tragedy — somebody dies probably violently and unjustly , which leads to grief of the loved ones or guilt of the parties that may have been responsible. This is what opens up the doorways between the worlds of the living and the dead. Certainly, the idea that the dead can come back — usually in a more powerful form — and maybe take you with them is rather unnerving, as is the concept that the afterlife may not bring peace. But a solid ghost story needs a foundation, something rooted in earthly experiences; there are two horror films from the early 80s that understand this. They also happen to star veteran actors with great talent.

Trish Van Devere Kept A Sex Slave In Her House!

Dead child haunts house. Still grieving from the sudden loss of his family in a freak accident composer John Russell George C. Scott decides to move to the Pacific Northwest where he finds a large stately mansion to move into.

Released , ‘Harry in Your Pocket’ stars James Coburn, Michael Sarrazin, Trish Van Devere, Walter Pidgeon The movie has a runtime of about 1 hr 42 min, and received a score of (out of ) on.

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Ava Gardner and George C. Scott

A Real Haunted House Thriller! Spoilers Horror films have become caricature’s over the years. They contain characters, situations, and elements you’ve seen before. However, there is only one film when it comes to the haunted house genre.

She also quit the film and was replaced by Trish Van Devere, an American actress. Scott and Van Devere fell in love during the production. However, Scott was married at the time to Colleen Dewhurst, who was also in the film.

There he tries to move on with his life as a musical composer by moving into a large Victorian style house in the country. Strange things begin to happen, however, water taps turned on, a window smashing on its own, his daughter’s rubber ball inexplicably bouncing down a towering staircase and, above all, thunderous bangs periodically echoing throughout the house for no apparent reason. The man realizes that something is trying to communicate with him in this house, and he begins an investigation of the building’s history.

And there’s something, something going on in that tiny dusty cob web strewn room at the very top of the house, the one with a music box and a small wheelchair. Scott is a solid presence in this film as the man bewildered by this huge old home, with Scott’s wife, the elegant Trish Van Devere, cast as a member of the local historical society instrumental in having secured him this house.

Melvyn Douglas appears as a U.

George C. Scott

Then-recent Oscar-winner George C. Scott was at the top of his game in his first and best pairing with future-wife Trish Van Devere, but this MGM production had its problems — John Huston was the original director, only to quit over quarrels with Scott, and French temptress Tina Aumont initially had Van Devere’s role but wound up another George C. Harry Garmes Scott is a man alone. His wife ditched him long ago, his only child is dead, he’s currently living in rural Southern Portugal, and all he has in life is a kickass ’56 BMW convertible and his criminal career as a top driver.

Garmes hasn’t had a gig in nine years but he’s accepted one last run, which involves transporting a wiseass young killer named Paul Rickard Tony Musante , who’s escaped from prison and is the polar opposite of laconic, old-school “dinosaur” Harry.

He also discovers the evil van underground after he falls for the girlfriend of a van fanatic who’s a true road warrior. Oh, and he gets into debt to car wash owner Danny DeVito –ironically, fresh from having all of his scenes cut out of Car Wash ().

The Chargers have won six consecutive games, their longest winning streak since an game streak to conclude the regular season. Just resetting every week. The teams that I have been on over the years that have continued that streak and won 11 in a row and done those things, we did it. We just reset every week, and we found a way that week to win, however we had to. The 56 points they allowed were the least in the league during that span. The Chargers are expected to have a key member of their defense for the first time during the regular season as defensive end Joey Bosa is among the 46 players eligible to play.

He had been inactive each of the previous nine games because of an injured left foot. Sign up here for your free newsletter. Email Address Other than backup quarterbacks, generally all the other active players see game action.

Stars who have faded into obscurity

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In the film, Harry In Your Pocket, Sandy’s (Trish Van Devere) white undies are exposed as she bends over and stands back up while carrying boxes on an escalator. A wasted Jilly (Particia Arquette) from ‘s Far North tumbles out of a convertible car as it drives off and when she falls on the ground, her skirt rides up, revealing her.

However, when the soap premiered there was another character named Karen that snagged Dr. Hollywood to Rome, He however was in love with fragile rich girl Meredith Lord Trish Van Devere followed by Lynn Benesch , whose father Victor disapproved of the relationship and was pushing his daughter to marry Dr. Larry discovered that Meredith was suffering from a dangerous blood disease, but kept it secret from her.

When Ted found out, he and Larry argued. Hale took a tumble down the stairs and died. Karen heard the argument and being spiteful testified against Larry. He was eventually cleared and Meredith learned the truth about her illness. She ran off to California leaving Larry in the hands of manipulative Karen who professed her sorrow through crocodile tears in regards to her testimony. After his bandages were removed and new actor Michael Storm took over , the couple drew closer and made love.

Ghost Stories: The Changeling (1980) and Ghost Story (1981)

Directed by William Graham. Good suspenser as Salt Lake City traffic-helicopter pilot Janssen witnesses a bank robbery in progress, becomes inexorably involved. Directed by Richard Marquand.

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I remember watching this as a kid because of the final shot of the ring on the corner of the screen. Kay Freestone Trish Van Devere is a determined television executive in California, taking the reins of an expensive television movie in the editing suite. Kay is her secret lover and expects to go to New York with him or at least get his job in California. He gives her neither, citing issues in the way she works and makes decision meaning she is not ready to step up. As they were lovers maybe Mark should had told her of her faults earlier and how to remedy it because he ends up getting shot dead.

Personally I think Kay should had got away with the murder as Columbo should had been jailed for the way he was driving so recklessly early on in the episode! When Kay is temporarily put in charge in the California station, she proves that Mark’s criticism was correct. She makes mistakes, she is seen as cold blooded. Then she has Columbo on her case who uses his guile to trap her.

The episode needed to be tighter and some of Columbo’s shtick seems to be wearing thin. There was no need for that bad driving scene. Was this review helpful to you?

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST – 1976 TV movie – George C. Scott, Trish Van Devere