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After collecting all their food, you need to help them to arrive in the corresponding pipe outlet to escape. It is Halloween time. It is one of the funniest holidays for the kids. Of Course, it is also a big holiday for SpongeBob. The pumpkin that SpongeBob stored for the Halloween has been stolen by the monster. SpongeBob needs to get it back before the One dark night, Dora had a strange dream, so she climbed from the bed, originally she was sleepwalking, she wandered about, looking for a dream of things.

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Krabs [1] is commonly known as the greedy founder and owner of the Krusty Krab restaurant, where SpongeBob works as a fry cook [2] and Squidward works as a cashier. The restaurant’s success is built on little competition and the popularity of the Krusty Krab’s signature sandwich, the Krabby Patty, the formula to which is a closely guarded trade secret. Krabs frequently exploits his restaurant’s popularity, engaging in price gouging [3] and charging his own employees for use of the building’s services.

To avoid this, Krabs goes to extreme lengths to prevent Plankton from obtaining the recipe; he even refuses to allow him to buy a Krabby Patty legitimately out of fear that Plankton might use Karen to reverse-engineer the formula. His love for Mrs. Puff is so strong that it temporarily transcends his greed and drives him to buy her expensive gifts.

In the episode ‘Chocolate With Nuts’, why do Spongebob and Patrick decide to start selling chocolate bars? True or False: in ‘Chocolate With Nuts’, there was a ‘crazy guy’ chasing Spongebob and Patrick.

Spongebob Hamburgertent Op avontuur met Spongebob Spongebob Squarepants is een geel monster dat leeft op de zeebodem. Samen met zijn vriendje Patrick maakt Spongebob vele avonturen mee. Dit is een bekende tekenfilm serie van Nickelodeon. Het gaat over een gele spons, hij woont in het plaatsje Bikinibroek in een heel speciaal huis. Zijn huis heeft de vorm van een ananas!

Spongebob houdt heel erg van krabburgers. Deze bakt hij zelf in het restaurant van Meneer Krab. Daarnaast houdt hij ook heel erg van zijn huisdier Gerrit, een zeeslak.

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Comment You can dry yourself off and put that sweat-drenched worry blanket away. Yes, there will be a SpongeBob Squarepants 3! President of Viacom’s Nickelodeon Group Cyma Zarghami confirmed the sequel based on the popular animated series is officially moving forward. Zarghami and Bakish were participating in Thursday’s quarterly earnings conference call for the conglomerate known as Viacom, which owns Nickelodeon.

The success of Nickelodeon was a hot topic during the call, and Bakish wants to use their strategy moving forward with his company.

Patrick becomes a true friend towards SpongeBob in Season 9 and onwards, like in Seasons (with a few exceptions), while seasons had fans asking for SpongeBob to just ditch Patrick.

Edit Sandy comes from the state of Texas , she was actually born in Houston, Texas but she exhibits many characteristics of a stereotypical “cowgirl” character by going to every city in Texas. She speaks with a heavy southern accent, and uses typical southern slang words and phrases. She is very fond of her homeland and its culture, as most notably seen in the episode ” Texas “, in which she grows homesick for it and considers leaving Bikini Bottom to return to Texas.

In that same episode, she takes great offense at SpongeBob and Patrick’s negative remarks about Texas, and violently attacks them when they continue to insult it. Sandy is one of the most intelligent and level-headed characters on the show. She is a multi-talented scientist and inventor, and originally came to Bikini Bottom to study sea creatures and their lifestyles.

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The Nickelodeon costumed character will be available for meet and greet appearances at Patrick Star will also be available to pose with kids and families to take photos. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

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SpongeBob throws a party to celebrate 6. April 8, Party Pooping, Part 2 SpongeBob breaks the fourth wall by realizing that the title has no relation to the contents of the episode, so he shits in the toaster. April 29, iFunny SpongeBob sprays laughing gas all over Bikini Bottom to force everyone to always laugh at his jokes. May 6, You Really Got Me Now Squidward becomes so desperate for a girlfriend that he starts grabbing them by the pus- okay I’ll stop there.

May 20, Penisitis After Patrick faps 24 times in one day, he develops a rare disease called penisitis. When his penis accidentally touches SpongeBob, it spreads to him. Soon enough everyone has penisitis. Penisitis then causes everyone to become addicted to fapping, including the girls.

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List of characters Mrs. She is a paranoid pufferfish whose occupation is to teach students how to drive at her boating school. Puff’s longest-standing student, is the bane of her existence. His distracting personality, reckless driving, and inability to improve torment her to no end. SpongeBob has failed his driving test countless times, often sending Mrs.

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My favourite character is the fish with the driving eyeballs beacuse he is really funny, and so is patrick beacuse he is stupid. I also think nicklelodien should let nicktoons make all the spongebob games beacuse I think there alot better at making games. Im confused how only spongebob can understand gary’s meows and no one else can. My second favourite character is patrick beacuse he’s funny,dumb and stupid.

I think Plankton should just give up trying to get the krabby patty secret formula and just make his food better, Manray and the Dirty bubble should being criminals because Mermaid man and barnacle boy always get them and then they get put in bikini bottom jail for along time. I’m going to get a spongebob guitar for my birth day on the 28th of march , and i’m going to learn to play all the spongebob songs, i’m worried it will be very hard to learn the camping song because you have to be able to play notes really really fast.

I really want to learn the band geeks song and the goofy gopher rock song from the spongebob squarepants movie beacuse it’s the best song ever. I don’t get how spongebob’s pants always get ripped or they fall off it’s funny but why does it happen. I like the old version of spongebob more beacuse it has the man with the driving eyeballs and patrick is more funnier because he’s just more plain dumb and stupider. I can’t wait until christmas because i’m going to get loads of spongebob DVD’s.

The first episode i ever saw was bucket sweet bucket and i’ve loved it ever since i saw it.

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She is a sperm whale, which means her mother was most likely a whale as well. She is revealed to be sixteen years old in the episode ” Whale of a Birthday. Her ill-mannered nature is likely due to Mr. Krabs’ poor parenting, him being too lenient on her and giving in to whatever she demands. In ” Selling Out ,” Pearl can be seen as a baby in a scrapbook.

Get notified when PATRICK X SPONGEBOB is updated. Continue with Facebook Continue. relationship between a certain yellow sea sponge and karate fighting land squirrel. THATS RIGHT FOLKS! Could we see SpongeBob dating Sandy? Something beautiful. Spatbob- spongebob and Patrick smut. By saltyweed. K Patrick loved spongebob.

The Ukraine’s National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality released the report, calling the children’s cartoon a ‘real threat to children’. Some of the other shows under fire include Family Guy, Pokemon, The Simpsons and Teletubbies, which the report says ‘projects aimed at the destruction of the family, and the promotion of drugs and other vices’.

SpongeBob Squarepants has been accused of promoting homosexuality, because SpongeBob holds hands with his friend Patrick Creating ‘imbeciles’: The Ukraine’s National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality says Teletubbies promotes drug use The report says that Teletubbies sends children into a trance and creates ‘an imbecile who will sit near the screen with an open mouth and swallow any information’. It also criticises the fact that one of the stars of the BBC children’s show, Tinky Winky, carries what looks like a woman’s handbag, saying: Cartoon star SpongeBob has a large gay fanbase in the U.

The ‘evidence’ that points to SpongeBob’s homosexuality seems to extend to the fact that he regularly holds hands with a pink starfish called Patrick, who is also his best friend. Family Guy and Pokemon were among other cartoons that the Ukraine morality watchdog wants to see banned from the country’s TV screens The Simpsons: Despite more than a decade of relatively trouble-free episodes, popular Fox TV show has also come under Ukrainian criticism Equally suspect, apparently, is the fact that SpongeBob lives in an underwater pineapple and receives boating lessons from a teacher called Mrs Puff – ‘puff’ being both a derogatory and affectionate term to describe a gay man.

Creator Stephen Hillenburg has defended his creation in the past, saying: The character SpongeBob is an oddball.


But are we just gonna wait around until he does??? He was number one! Larry the Lobster is one of the less frequent recurring characters but is highly popular for his badass feats of absurd manliness. Especially in “Bubble Buddies”. DoodleBob only appeared in one episode, but he’s considered one of the more interesting antagonists. The writers seemed to agree, to the point of bringing him back in season 11’s “Doodle Dimension”.

from spongebob squarepants. spongebob and patrick star. christmas set. spongebob is holding. a gift, and patrick has a candy cane. and a christmas scarf.

How did an anthropomorphic sponge who lives in a pineapple become a children’s icon? Some of these tidbits may explain its success and longevity. Stephen Hillenburg has a degree in natural resource planning with a marine resources emphasis, and he used to teach Marine Biology at the Orange County Marine Institute. Hillenburg also liked to draw, and created a comic book called Intertidial Zone for the Institute , which starred an early version of SpongeBob.

When he worked as creative director for the Nickelodeon animated series Rocko’s Modern Life, fellow animators saw the potential appeal of SpongeBob. And the show’s title was initially SpongeBoy Ahoy!. SpongeBoy was a copyrighted name for a mop, however, but Hillenburg made sure to keep the “sponge” in the name of his protagonist as he was worried that children might mistake him for a block of cheese.

SpongeBob creative director Derek Drymon remembered Hillenburg wanting to create a character with a “young, boyish” attitude, with Lewis, Herman, and Laurel specifically in mind. Tom Kenny, the voice of SpongeBob, said that Hillenburg initially described the talking sponge as a “half child half adult, kind of like a munchkin,” before also mentioning the same three comedy legends. The creator also told Kenny to try to do a similar voice that the Mr. Show alum once did for a background character in a long-forgotten scene in Rocko’s Modern Life.

Kenny described the nameless character he did not even recall as a “squeaky, helium-voiced elf guy.

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February 6, “The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water” When a diabolical pirate above the sea steals the secret Krabby Patty formula, SpongeBob and his nemesis Plankton must team up in order to get it back. Main places[ change change source ] The show takes place in a city called Bikini Bottom, which is in the Pacific Ocean.

Jun 28,  · A lot of the time, Patrick doesn’t really know what’s going on. He’s pretty oblivious, but somewhere along the way, he managed to give some great dating advice. Whoever said you can’t get relationship tips from a starfish was wrong.

Please keep this in mind as you read it. Please help this Wiki by making this article clean and tidy! Please remove this message when finished. SpongeBob and Patrick having a friendly pillow fight. As the protagonists of the show and next door neighbors, SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star have arguably the closest relationship in the series. Though the two might not be the brightest bulbs in the socket, SpongeBob and Patrick make one heck of a team, though most of the time their wacky antics only serve to land them in deep water without even trying.

Though the two are inseparable almost every waking moment, there have been times where the two have not been the closest buds. The list mentioned below is for the number of times the two have fought. SpongeBob and Patrick, as revealed in the episode ” The Secret Box ,” have been best friends since they were born.

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